Details on the location:

The house is corner private villa house located on Lamerchav St. at Ramat-HaSharon.
Lamerchav street has some of the most luxurious houses in all of Israel.
Ramat-Hasharon is a small city with a population of about 43,000 people.
Yet it is considered very well situated as it is only a 10min drive from Tel-Aviv and most centeral locations.
There's a running/walking cross just 300m from the house near green vegetable fields.
The city pool is about 800m from the house, a mere 5min walk.
If you have small children Golan elementry is the best in Ramat Hasharon and only a 5min walk from here.
Also mandy great kidden gardens nearby, just a 3min walk.
Cinema City is also a close by drive and have many entertainment options.
And of course don't forget about the beautiful Hertzeliya beach which is also only a 10min drive.
Ramat Hasharon is considered by far one of the most wanted real estate cities in Israel, as it is quite small there's barely any new construction going on.

Details on the house:

The house was completed at the year 2000 after the previous house on the area was torn apart.
We're the only family that occupied this house since it was built.
The area of the house is 538sqm (5790sqf) and it is built on 452sqm (4865sqf), neto is 418sqm.
It has 3 main floors, a bottom basement, ground floor and top floor. Total of 6 rooms + safety room.
Each room has it's own bathroom/toilet for a total of 5 in the entire house.
At the bottom floor there are two rooms, while one of them is a studio apartment and considered 2 rooms on it's own.
It is very spacious and fitting for a young couple or an adult (soldier, student and such).
The other room has the safety room attached to it. It has a massive WMD filltration system built in.
On the ground floor there's the living room, dining corner, kitchen, and family TV corner - most of it is one big open space.
On the top floor there's the master parents suites with a huge seperated closet room and a huge shower room.
And also a guest room, big enough to fit 2-3 kids living together if they're small.
The garden is well taken care of and has many fruitful trees, among them: Avocado, Mango, Lemons, Lichi, Apples, Oranges.
The roofed parking fits two cars, and there's plenty of parking near by on the street itself, it isn't over crowded in any way.

Details on house parts:

There's heating built into the flooring.
There's a centeral vaccume cleaner built into the walls of all floors.
There's a large centeral cooling unit.
The built in Stove, Dishwasher and electric Hobs are all by the high end Miele company. The kitchen and closest are high end by the Habitat company.
All the floors are real high quality travertine marble, most of which are big 80x80cm tiles. No ceramic tiles here.
All of the parquet floors is real woods, not laminated.
A massive WMD filltration system built into the basement safety room - Worth 9000nis
The hot boiler is also powerd by the sun.
There are 13 B&W quality speakers built into the walls.
There are security cameras situated around the house leading to the TV corner.
There are automated fire prevention systems located on all the electrical closets.

Asked price: 9,490,000 NIS / 2,612,740 USD

Contact us at: 054-4789554 (Ran)